The Union Difference

Before the ContractAfter the Contract
Wages: $15.50/hr for UTAsWages: $20/hr for UTAs
Weak department missives suggesting job responsibilitiesClearly defined and enforceable language regarding roles and responsibilities
Meetings with CS admin only when we’d aggressively organize and demand themContractually required monthly meetings with CS admin to address ongoing concerns; a real voice in the direction of the UTA program
Department goodwill and focus groupsGuaranteed fulltime dept staff for DEI initiatives
Weak University accountability systems for discriminationClear definitions of discrimination and harassment, and our OWN enforceable accountability system
Having to find our own housing and food for training periodsFree housing and meals for all of TA camp!

…and this is just the beginning!

Our Contract

Our contract can be found here.

Our Collective Bargaining Agreement, otherwise called the Contract, outlines our rights and protections as computer science student employees at Brown University. You can find a plain language summary of our contract here.